Flu Preparedness

Health care providers play a vital role in protecting themselves and others during the flu season. The following resources are available to help facilities plan and respond to the seasonal flu. 

According to the CDC Foundation, each year the flu virus results in:

  • 5%-20% of U.S. population gets the flu each year
  • 31.4 million outpatient visits
  • $16 billion in lost earnings related to flu
  • 3,000 and 49,000 estimated deaths




Downloadable Posters

Hang these in your facility to remind patients how to protect against the flu.


Downloadable Stickers

Reward your patients with a sticker after receiving the flu shot.


2018-2019 Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Whitepaper

Get information on the background, efficacy, and safety of the 2018-2019 seasonal influenza vaccine formulations.


Recorded Webinar: Flu Season Prevention, Treatment and Resources

This webinar focuses flu prevention and treatment. Participants will learn to verbalize seasonal influenza facts for adult and pediatric populations, as well as discover at least three influenza prevention recommendations.


  Hand Hygiene



  Facial Protection

  Exam Gloves

  Laboratory Testing

  Medication Delivery Systems

  IV Start/Infusion Kits

  Needles and Syringes



Additional Web Resources: