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“We help organizations with every aspect of the food journey, including maximizing finances, improving operations, understanding food choices, optimizing ordering and reducing waste.”

- Theresa Madden, vice president of national sales, US Foods

Food and nutrition play a critical role in patient well-being and represent a big spend area for non-acute healthcare facilities. While competitive pricing is important, these facilities also look for expert advice and data-driven insights on purchasing. That’s where leading food distributors like US Foods can offer high-impact value that enables facilities to improve patient satisfaction while reaching their goals for cost-effective, superior tasting and nutritious food.

Theresa Madden, vice president of national sales at US Foods, explains how the company provides a broad range of innovative food offerings along with a comprehensive suite of e-commerce, technology and business solutions.

Q. What common challenges do non-acute facilities face when providing food to residents? How does US Foods help solve them?

A. When it comes to balancing resident satisfaction and food service costs, operators face many challenges such as food costs, labor costs, new menu ideas, dietary needs of their residents and managing their operating budget. US Foods helps facilities overcome these obstacles by understanding their business, their needs, what’s working and what potential issues lie ahead. We help organizations with every aspect of the food journey, including maximizing finances, improving operations, understanding food choices, optimizing ordering and reducing waste. 

Q. How do you help customers choose food products that meet their needs and deliver the best value?

A. As specialists working with senior living and long-term care communities, we can help facilities provide their residents with nutritious and satisfying meals that fit their budgets. It’s important to note that our program goes far beyond food costs. Our industry-leading tools and resources can support a facility’s entire operation by reducing costs and increasing efficiencies at every step of the supply chain.

For example, we offer business intelligence and analytics that track key performance indicators, core metrics, product usage and purchasing trends. We also have the ability to help customers with inventory control, such as identifying a facility’s high-cost products, reducing ordering levels of overstocked items and comparing current to past inventory pricing.

Q. Do you provide tools or reports that enable customers to make more informed purchasing decisions?

A. US Foods created systems and tools that point customers to the most savings through the Provista contracts. Three of the most valuable tools are:

Cost management through product selection. We help facilities reach their cost-management goals through effective purchasing techniques to:

  • Identify the top-volume items that comprise 80% or more of the budget
  • Capture easy, unrealized savings
  • Maximize the value of our portfolio of contracts

Q. Which of your services are most underutilized by customers but could make a big impact on their business?

A. We provide a blueprint to help facilities plan healthy, cost-effective, tasty menus. OurBluePrint Menu Management System® is a menu-and resident-management tool designed to help facilities plan a delicious, resident-driven menu while monitoring costs, optimizing production and improving consistency throughout the foodservice operation.

 This value-added service assists healthcare foodservice operators with cycle menu planning and execution. It not only builds menus, therapeutic diets and corresponding reports, but it also provides cost and product-specific reporting as well as the ability to generate order information. The BluePrint Menu Management System is fully integrated with US Foods applications and comes preloaded with cycle menus and nearly 10,000 chef-inspired recipes.

Q. How do you describe your relationship with Provisa?

A. US Foods has been working with Provista for many years. We know the program inside and out, and we’ve spent years building the right inventory to support the contracts. We’ve also built systems and tools that have achieved real results, which are not easily duplicated and don’t happen overnight. You won’t find this depth of experience anywhere else. Collaborating with Provista allows us to deliver savings and solutions to all customers.

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