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Eric Merkle

As senior director of Implementation and Analytics at Provista, Eric Merkle leads teams developing innovative solutions for the company and for customers. Focused on providing new value, Merkle supports three teams that deliver customer-related analytics, including data-driven analytics across pharmacy and medical products. The teams assess current customers' spend, then match their needs with the vast range of Provista suppliers to ensure customers receive the best value, pricing, products and services. 

A recognized expert in supply chain data and analytics, Merkle began his career in food service distribution. His knowledge base has expanded as he's taken on additional roles in supply chain operations. One of his achievements was developing the PinPoint platform, which helps with customer forecast price changes, understanding market benchmarks and finding opportunities to help customer save more money.

Merkle is proud of his teams' achievements at Provista, such as the creation of mission-critical analytics and business process solutions that enhance the supply chain. His teams also created a technology platform that identifies savings opportunities and inflation reporting for customers; a business process and structure that supports the timely identification and connection of contract prices for customers; and a Healthy Options report that provides key product attributes to empower customers to identify product opportunities that meet their organizations' nutrition standards.

One of Merkle's teams offers custom analytics for large or strategic Provista customers, yielding a deeper dive into savings. The team performs customized analyses and offers personalized dashboards, spend monitoring and price protection to help customers make the most informed purchasing decisions.

In addition to enabling customer insights through advanced analytics, Merkle also supports the Provista contract implementation team, which connects customers to one or more contracts, based on a contract roadmap, to help them save time and money. The unique ability to provide a contract roadmap to implement money-saving or valuable contract connections is an industry differentiator, ensuring customers get connected to the right contracts in the right tier.


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