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Josh Fitzgerald

As vice president of sales, Joshua Fitzgerald focuses on providing continuous and sustainable value to customers. He believes that strong partnerships entail more than providing benefits at the start, and they can develop over time to elevate the customer's entire business throughout the course of their relationship with Provista.

Fitzgerald leads outside and inside sales. He sets priorities for sales teams based on customer needs, allowing customers to gain the most value and solve their pain points. 

With in-depth knowledge of the major role distribution plays in serving the customer, Fitzgerald and his team manage price points to prevent distribution "price creep." This ability to keep prices from gradually but steadily increasing is one factor that sets Provista apart from other supply chain partners. It's also one reason the supply chain partner enjoys high customer retention rates.

Fitzgerald drives programs and initiatives that deliver enhanced value through Provista products and services. He ensures  supplier/distribution channel pricing is fair to both the distributor and the customer. Like other Provista sales teams, Fitzgerald's team strives to make pricing transparent across the supply chain and ensure that each customer receives standardized pricing. The transparency ensures customers don’t encounter price surprises while empowering them to make more informed buying decisions and more accurately budget for purchases while benefiting from the value of standardization.

A graduate of Texas A&M University, Fitzgerald holds a Bachelor's degree in industrial distribution engineering. He speaks at conferences and other events about Provista, the supply chain industry and how to gain value with a supply chain partner. 

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